Welcome to the new, and I hope you agree, improved Birmingham Popular Music Archive. It has been slow in arriving but I must give thanks to my colleague Simon Barber for helping me with the new design. Well actually he did it all!

I’ll be tweaking and improving things as I test the site out so anything you think would improve the site, let me know and we’ll see if we can change it.

As ever, I rely on all you for supplying stories, pictures, ticket stubs, video and all the things that will make this site the number one online popular music archive as we continue to grow.

Our aim is the same as when we started. To celebrate the amazing music heritage of Birmingham. I hope this site, with your knowledge, not to mention the contents of your loft!, will be an incredible resource for the city of Birmingham and its citizens, for researchers and the downright curious!

Most importantly, it is not my archive. I’m not here to decide what gets in or gets left out. ANY piece of musical heritage is of importance, whether you played one gig, have a flyers from bands long gone or have copies of fanzines. Anything and everything relating to ALL Birmingham music, get it on the site.

Make sure to join up, and contact me using the form at the top of the page.

Hope to hear form you soon.