Vivarama press shot. Via Mike Davies.

“‘Updoor’ was shot on Super-VHS and also Super-8 film during early 1996. The shoots took place at The Flapper and Firkin in Central Birmingham, (scene of several Vivarama gigs). The band mimed six times through to the track which was played through the house PA system. The footage was then (very laboriously) edited on a basic two machine S-VHS off-line suite. The video was filmed, directed and produced by the seven band members themselves, Sally-Anne Parker (‘Miss Smartness’ – vocals), Angela Freeman (‘Angie Baby’ – vocals), Jane Brisbourne (drums), Tony Sherrard (‘Shez’ – bass), Richard London (saxophone), Martin De Sey (guitar) and Robin Raymond Dallaway (guitar and chief tunesmith). Vivarama played their last gig just 6 months later at ‘The Flapper’ on 23rd August 1996. One cd single was released in 1995, ‘The Video Mixes’ – featuring ‘Drive-In Country’, ‘Dreamtrain’ and ‘Let’s Talk About Love’

[ read more of this info over at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqytvBTccRQ ]