The Moat House was on Bradford Street just down from the Drovers Arms, Birmingham.

The Moat House was a club, that was very important to the development of Brum Beat in the 60’s. In June of 1963, Cliff Richard & Shadows producer Norris Paramour came up to Birmingham to audition local beat groups at the Moat House Club on Bradford Street.

Of the 13 bands that had been recommended, five of them were signed-up by Paramour to the Columbia Records label.
Amongst them were:
Carl Barron and The Cheetahs.
Mike Sheridan & The Nightriders,
Keith Powell and The Valets,
were two others.

The Moat House was also significant in the history of The Moody Blues
From Brum Beat

A chance meeting with Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder at the Moat House Club resulted in the formation of a new group, although Danny King had by this time lost interest. A plan was put in place to gain sponsorship from the Mitchells & Butlers brewery, so the name M&B Five was adopted, but the company was not interested so the initials were adapted to represent “Moody” and “Blues

Unfortunately, little or no images remain of this club, but below are some wonderful recollections from,
members of the Birmingham History Forum:


The Moat House, Moat Lane almost opposite the outdoor market, was run by Rob Pryke of Banana fame and was at the top of a very steep wooden staircase the width of 1 person if you looked dodgy, drunk etc no way would you be admitted, i saw the M&B`circa 1964/5 s later to be named The Moody Blues, i was`nt impressed but Rob was sure that they would become very good, was i wrong YES!. Len.


Sorry no photos you did not carry cameras they were to big, not like the digital ones of now, we would go there after dancing else were and the bar closed, i saw other groups Denny Laine & The Diplomats, ? & The Pirates and others i can`t remember, it was always wall 2 wall with clubbers, beer price was reasonable you could have 2 pint jug to share with your friends, gambling went on in a back room illegal of course, i saw obvious bookies from the dog track racing on a Sat night pull out rolls of banknotes big enough to choke a horse!, Rob had a 2 am bar licence unless you got locked in, ooOPs! very pleased, any trouble was soon snuffed out nobody wanted to end up at the bottom of the stairs in a heap, the decoration was pop posters and beer adverts stuck on the walls, i will try and remember more but it was 46 yrs ago + or – a year or 2, hope a senior citizens memories are of help to you. Len.


Len, I also used to go to the Moat House Club in Moat Lane, and remember very well the steep staircase up to it. I particularly remember this as my sister tripped up the stairs one night and landed in an embarrassing position. I still remind her of it to this day!


I have never been a card player but was paid good dough to look after a man who plyed Chemi De Fer in The Moathouse twice a week. He played Blackjack in the Rainbow on another two night per week.

Compiled by Keith Law

With many thanks to the Birmingham History Forum, and particularly, Bob Summers, Lencops, Judy39 and Stircher, for their invaluable memories