Malcolm Grey has written in:

I was in a band called “The Rivals” in the early to mid 60s. Included in the band were Tom Loach on bass guitar (composer of “The Ice Cream Tree”), Eric Drinkwater on lead guitar, a drummer called Melvyn, and I was lead singer and we were managed by Mrs Drinkwater, Eric’s mother.

We subsequently changed our name to “The Misfits”, from then members changed to David Bailey, lead guitar, the others’ names escape me.¬†We played regularly as support band to the big boys, at the Ritz, King’s Heath, the Plaza at Old Hill and the Handsworth Plaza and at many other venues.

Mick Deeley was also our Manager for a while, sadly Mick passed away last year.

It would be great to find some of the colourful characters with whom we shared the music, but having moved around the world, I found it very difficult to keep in touch.