Formed in the late 1980’s, The Bureau line-up originally consisted of former Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ members:

*Geoff Blythe (tenor sax)
*Spooner (alto sax)
*Stoker (drums)
*Pete Williams (bass)
*Mick Talbot born 11 September 1958, London (keyboards)

and members from The Upset:
*Archie Brown (vocals)
*Rob Jones (guitar and trombone)
*Paul Taylor (trombone)

The Bureau’s debut single ‘Only For Sheep’ was a big hit in Australia but failed to make an impact on the British charts as did the follow up single, ‘Let Him Have It’. In August 1981, the band were touring the US with The Pretenders, however after a couple of other tours the band were forced to stand down.

Talbot went on to enjoy greater success with Paul Weller in The Style Council. Brown formed Flag with ex Secret Affair guitarist, Dave Cairns. His current band, Archie Brown and The Young Bucks, is based in Newcastle and has released nine albums.

The line-up consists of:
* Archie Brown (vocals, sax, guitar)
*Patrick Rafferty (vocals, accordion, guitar, lap steel guitar, keyboards)
*Ian Thompson (bass)
*Phil Screaton (lead guitar)
*Neil Ramshaw (drums)

Blythe teamed up with Big Jim Paterson in The TKO Horns, while Williams went on to form These Tender Virtues and more recently, Baseheart.

The band reunited in March 2003 to play at The Magnesia Bank in North Shields with only Stoker absent, who was busy producing film music in California. In 2005 The Bureau’s debut album was finally released in the UK and was launched with two gigs: one at The Glee Club in Birmingham and the other at Borderline in London where Crispin Taylor replaced Stoker on drums.

In 2008 a brand new Bureau album was released, ‘…And Another Thing’.

*The Bureau (2005)
*..And Another Thing (2008)