Stand-up comedian Ted Chippington, born Francis Smyth February, 1962 started performing in 1981 under the name ‘Eddie Chippington’.

Ted’s big break came in 1984, when a performance in Birmingham in which he supported The Fall was released by local record label, Vindaloo on a 7″ EP entitled “Non Stop Party Hits of the 50s 60s and 70s”. The title refers to Ted’s habit of performing his own versions of classic hits, including a rendition of Ottawan’s ‘D.I.S.C.O.’ The record was played by John Peel on his BBC Radio One programme.

In 1986 Ted released an album, ‘Man In A Suitcase’ which included his versions of ‘She Loves You’ and Alvin Stardust’s ‘I Feel Like Buddy Holly,’ which reached the Top 10 album chart. ‘She Loves You’ received further exposure after Steve Wright repeatedly played it on his Radio 1 show, which consequently led to the track being released as a single by Warner Brothers.

‘She Loves You’ raised Ted’s profile considerably and led to numerous media appearances, including one on the BBC’s lunchtime magazine show Pebble Mill at One.

Ted was interviewed by the New Musical Express, Birmingham’s BRMB and the colour supplement of The Mail on Sunday. He also performed at the Glastonbury and Reading music festivals.

Ted performed the single, ‘Rocking with Rita’ with Rob Lloyd and The Nightingales and ‘We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It’. This was followed by a rendition of Dion’s ‘The Wanderer.’

In 1990, Ted retired from showbusiness to pursue a career in truck-driving in the US but this came to an end when his lorry shed its load on the Pacific Coast Highway. After this, he worked as a cook in various restaurants in Mexico, before returning to the UK to get married and settle in Torquay.

Ted started perfoming again in 2006 calling himself, ‘The Reverend Ted Chippington’ A CD boxset of Ted’s earlier work, entitled ‘Walking Down The Road’ has been released on Robert Lloyd’s Big Print label. A tribute to Ted entitled ‘Tedstock’, featuring Stewart Lee, Richard Herring and numerous other stand-up comedians, was held at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre in 2007 in order to raise money to fund the release. This event led to new media appearances for Ted, including articles in national newspapers and television and radio appearances.

*Walking Down The Road (2007)