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Trevor Burton

Born Trevor Ireson on 9 March 1944, Aston, Birmingham, Burton started playing guitar at a young age and by 1963, was leading his own group called The Everglades.

In 1964 he joined Danny King & The Mayfair Set, along with Keith Smart formerly of The Everglades (drums), Roger Harris (keyboards), Denis Ball (bass) and vocalist King.

Burton was a founding member of the 60’s chart topping band The Move (see under artists), and was with them from 1966 to 1969.

After a short break, Burton formed the band, Balls (see under artists) with Steve Gibbons of The Uglys (see under artists) and Denny Laine formerly of the Moody Blues (see under artists) and Allen White from The Plastic Ono Band.

After the split with Balls in 1971, Burton spent the next few years as one of the top session musicians with Island Records.

Burton returned to his hometown of Birmingham to work with Raymond Froggatt until 1976 before teaming up with close friend Steve Gibbons again, to enjoy chart success with the Steve Gibbons Band. The group enjoyed a hit single with the Chuck Berry song, ‘Tulane’ and toured America extensively.

For the next 7 years Burton continued to tour the world with Steve, leaving in 1983 to form his own band playing his unique style of blues.

They started performing twice weekly at the Red Lion, Sparkbrook, Birmingham with a line-up including sax player Steve Ajao. In 1985 the band recorded an LP entitled ‘Double Zero’ featuring Stuart Ford (slide guitar), Crumpy (bass), Tony Baylis (drums) and Ben Annon (percs).

During this time, Burton teamed up with Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin as one of the Journeymen Musicians, joined The Big Town Playboys UK and Europe, performed shows with Noel Reading and spent 9 months on the road with Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

In 1995, Burton called on Maz (Marjusz Matrenko) and former ELO keyboard player, Richard Tandy to join the band.

A few years later in 1999, Burton asked Bill Jefferson (Drummer) to join and in February 2000, a local band ‘4 On The Floor’ split and bass player Eddy Moohan also became an additional member.

More recently, Burton joined former Move drummer, Bev Bevan on tour in 2007.

Rock Family Trees – The Birmingham Beat

Following on from the Something Else find, here is another slice of great Birmingham music related material with the BBC Rock Family Tree, Birmingham Beat episode which aired in 1995. I’ve rescued it from the nether regions of You Tube for your viewing delight.

I remember watching this and being distinctly unimpressed at the time. Watching back again now there is/was some absolutely fabulous music being created from the 60s-80s by Birmingham musicians. Roy Wood will always be a genius for me, but the brilliance of ELO and the Moody Blues can’t be overlooked and people like Trevor Burton and Steve Gibbons never get the recognition they deserve. Thinking of the recent Punk Britannia, pub rock only happened in London, by London bands and this was a precursor to Punk, well here is Steve Gibbons to blow that assertion out of the water!

This is great slice of Birmingham music history. Enjoy!

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