The Hurling Boys are Birmingham’s are a four-piece multi-instrumental acoustic Irish folk band, playing all over the UK for weddings, parties, functions, and Irish nights. Mixing Ceilidh dancing with rousing choruses and gentle ballads they also enthral you with haunting airs and wild Ceilidh music. They demonstrate clearly close camaraderie, always ready to have ‘good craic’ and are delighted to fit the needs of individuals and groups of people at various types of events.

The band consists of Tommy Deignan, Keith Farr, Pat Brennan, and Dean McCabe.
Pat Brennan is the front man and multi instrumentalist who has a great repertoire of popular songs that are often chosen on the basis of the background stories and how they fit the particular needs of the party. Pat plays a wide variety of instruments on stage including Banjo, Mandolin, Whistle, Bodhran, Accordion, Harmonica, Flute and Bagpipes.

Dean McCabe mainly plays Guitar, but he can also play drums for the Ceili dancing and is also an excellent bodhran player. As a champion Irish dancer he reached a level that merited a tour with Michael Flatley!

Tommy Deignan is vital for the Ceili dancing; sometimes his fingers are fit to drop off! He just smiles and gets a chance to recover during a song that usually follows. A few very good button box players in Birmingham owe their prowess to Tommy who taught them.

Keith Farr is a genuine Brummie, hence the Warwickshire shirt. Keith provides the band with some more contemporary songs and sings some of them while playing Guitar and also operating bass pedals with his foot and tries hard not to get too confused! He can add a hillbilly touch also with his 5 string banjo.