Sent in by Adam:

Only gig I ever went to at Barrel Organ not living anywhere near. Was staying at a mate’s at Warwick Uni where we were supposed to play a gig that never happened. I went off on my own to see the Lime Spiders at the Barrel Organ – I’d got a single and I think they were touring the Cave Comes Alive LP with the still majestic Out Of Control single… so it must have been 1987.

They were blisteringly good, tight as anything. Much under rated generally. Fag end of a venue I thought, but friendly. One of the weirdest crowds of misfits I ever happened across in one small space – punks, flunks, drunks, druggies and a very strange man in shorts and red patent leather shoes picked out by the lead singer for ‘doing the funky chicken’. Staggered to the train back to studentland after. A Weird and wonderful night.

Anyone know more about The Lime Spiders?