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Birmingham’s legendary psychedelic club.

Starting out in a the back streets of Birmingham in 1984 Sensateria was the ultimate sensory experience with the audience being over-whelmed by Parachutes, Live Liquid Shows, Strobes, Smoke machines, Incense, Psychedelic Posters plus the psychedelic sounds of the long forgotten 1960′s! No two nights where ever the same.With the likes of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Birmingham’s favourite cult artist Broadcast regularly in attendance over its ten-year existence, Sensateria was a brilliant alternative club in the city at venues such as The Fantasy Club, The Powerhouse, The Hummingbird, Digbeth Civic Hall and Snobs.

One of the most iconic aspects of Sensateria were the beautifully crafted posters and flyers that Mark MacDonald, who a started Sensateria, created. They became much sort after and Benedict Davies has sent a couple into the BMA.

Nigel Blunt

Nigel has had a long and varied history in Birmingham’s music history.

1979 Hostaria
1980 Rum Runner (Manager)
1983 Tin Can Club (Promoter)
1985 Artist/Tour Manager
1987 The Ritz, Manchester (Ent. Manager)
1988 Powerhouse (Ent. Manager)
1989 Notes The Bar (Licensee)
1991 Unity House (Promoter)
1991 Snobs (Licensee/Promoter)
1994 Different Drummer (Partner)
1998 Oracabessa Records (Director)
1999 (Photgrapher/Videographer/Archivist)

Dave Southam

Renowned DJ and co-owner of the legendary club Snobs.


It doesn’t really need much introduction, but Snobs is a legendary venue in Birmingham. Better known as an indie and student populated nightclub it has been going for over 30 years.

Consisting of two rooms, it was mainly used a play back venue or PA show for ‘live’ music and really got its reputation for the club nights which included ridiculously cheap drinks.

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