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Loading Bay Records

Ex DJ Duncan Finlayson, better known as Funky Dunc, first started music retail at The Top Ten Shop, 594 Bristol Rd, Selly oak – his Saturday job for Jo and Iris Beckett, who had the shop for years.


In 1976 he brought the business off the Becketts, which was predominately a chart shop with a big interest in dance and soul music (also selling leather goods). In those early days it was just Duncan and Christine Norton who worked there.

Top Ten-cu

The Top Ten Shop 1978

The Top Ten Shop 1978


The Top Ten Shop Christmas 1984


In 1982 he relocated to 598 Bristol Road, just a few shops away, renaming it Loading Bay Records and specialising in High Energy dance and soul music.

He started his own record label, which was also called Loading Bay Records, buying the rights to many European tracks (he always had an ear for an amazing song). With 85 releases on the label!

Loading Bay Records – “Purveyors Of Fine Vinyl”


There was discussions about starting up a soul music label, but that never happened.

In the early days there was Duncan Finlayson, Christine Norton, and Dave Allen (who worked Saturdays). In later years Tony Millican joined the team. The shop stopped trading after his death in 1996, at the age of just 45.



Thanks to Christine Norton, Dave Allen and Mickey Nold for their help with this page. Now we need your memories…


Station Inn

Pub/Venue in Selly Oak in the 60s

Bournbrook Hotel

A venerated venue in Selly Oak, as Mike has written in, it needed its own page.

Hi – we need a page for the above as this was a major local venue. Rock Against Racism had regular slots there showcasing local punk and reggae bands. They also used to have great sound systems on plus there was always a really great atmosphere. There was a large room upstairs and the small cellar bar which was a great place.

Dangerous Girls played there a lot as did the Suburban Studs. Here & Now – now that was weird plus the Scent Organs (Duranies drummer was in them), Rudy & the Rationals also.

As ever, please help us build up a list of gigs at the venue, send in flyers, tickets, posters, photos and everything else!

Here is the poster from The Cravats and The Nightingales gig at Bournbrook.

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