Legendary record shop that occupied a number of locations and run by the a larger than life Danny.

My first recollections of Reddingtons was when it was in Moor St, at the back of what now is the Pavillions and by the subways that led to Moor St Station and more importantly The Outrigger/Ship Ashore. I used to rummage through all the boxes outside and remember picking up some great vinyl treasures which I still have today. Every Saturday me and my cousins would head there.

It then moved to Cannon St, off Cherry St by Rackhams which occupied 3 floors if I remember correctly. I was never so taken with this shop, it seemed to organised!

From here Reddingtons went back to Digbeth High St where it didn’t last so long and now I think it just operates online.

Nigel King has sent a couple of photos of the classic Reddington Rare Records carrier bags. I love this. Nigel has a load of great photos of all manner of record shop carrier bags.