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Tower Ballroom

The Tower Ballroom, near the ‘reser’ was a great venue, and like the Locarno, had a revolving stage.
Many star and local acts appeared here over the few decades it was open.
It was also well known for it’s ‘Grab-a-Granny’ nights, and I spent many night on those ocassions, even though most fellas, there were only in their 20’s and 30’s!

Sadly The Tower, closed down and was derilict for a while, untill recently and now, local people who are delighted  the Tower Ballroom is once again as a live entertainment venue. Entrepreneur Liam O’Connor has taken the derelict ballroom,  complete with its revolving stage,
and spent almost half-a-million pounds restoring it to its former glory.

Its grand reopening with a champagne reception featured 1960s stars Mike Pender’s Searchers,
the Merseybeats and the Cufflinks.

As a lifelong supporter of Chelmsley Wood Boxing Club,  Limerick-born Mr O’Connor, who also runs the Kerryman pub in Digbeth, said he was planning amateur and professional boxing matches and various activites, involving the whole community

Its prime aim is to attract an over-25s audience.  Other entertainers to appear here include the
American Four Tops, Abba UK, Joe Longthorne, the American Drifters, the Extreme Supremes and the Union Gap.


Compiled by Keith Law

Recording of New Order at the Tower 09/04/1985 sent in by Neil Hollins:


New Order + Happy Mondays + The Wonder Stuff at Tower Ballroom





New Order + Happy Mondays + The Wonder Stuff at Tower Ballroom. Thurs 2/10/86.


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