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Memories of Brum Gigs 77-79 part 2

So I exchanged emails with Neil saying this is exactly the type of memories that we want here at the BPMA. Neil has sent the Archive his list of gigs from 77-79 (all 657 of them!) which I’ll post in a separate separately but as Neil says, he hopes this triggers some more memories and debates from those who were there!

Memories of Brum Gigs 77-79 part 1

We were contacted here at the Birmingham Popular Music Archive by Neil Evans who lived in Birmingham up until 1978. Neil wrote…In fact here is the original message Neil sent:

I left Birmingham in 1978 but I’m interested in what you are up to. Somewhere I have a list of pretty much all the concerts that took place probably in 1975 – 1977 era, I’ll see if I can dig it up and get it on a copier and send it off to you.

Bands I remeber seeing:

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