Thanks to band member Gillon Jacoby for sending these great recordings of Fast Relief into the archive:

This is the recording of part of a Fast Relief gig circa ‘81/’82. I’m not sure where the gig was, but at the beginning Lindy call’s for percussionists, Gaz & Pete, who would have been Gary Lechevsky (The Pinkies) & Pete (Au Pair) Hammond, which might indicate it was in Birmingham, but not necessarily. It was recorded through the mixing desk.

Please find attached the studio recording from 1982, recorded at Jacobs Studio, of what was meant to be our single. Sadly never released. The band at the time was Lindy – vocals and saxophone, Michelle (Mitch) – bass & backing vocals, Rob Bright – drums and percussion and me guitar, flute and backing vocals. I’m presuming Jayne Pinkie would have been on this recording, although, embarrassingly, I don’t remember her being there! Andy Burchell played clarinet (exquisitely) and vibraphone (vibes). Julie, our manager, was also our sound engineer and Martin Culverwell (Au Pairs manager and 021 Records) produced it.