Contributor Reiss sent this in to the archive about the extremely important Zella Studio and Record Label. More information is needed!
Although Zella Records had been born and grown from Ladbrokes Music shop whose address was on Bristol Street, the studio itself was detached and was located in a delivery quadrangle to the rear of the shop which was accessible through a pair of large gates built into the facade of the Bristol Street shopfronts to permit lorry deliveries to the rear.  This quadrangle also backed onto Essex Street so effectively, the studio was in Essex Street and Ladbrokes Music Shop was on Bristol Street. Spencer Davis, The Move, The Uglys, Idle Race, Magnum, Beshara, Band of Joy and Black Sabbath who made their very first studio recording there .

“Tracks on the double album ‘Brum Beat Live at the Barrel Organ’ were edited and mixed at Johnny Haynes’ Zella Recording Studios”.

Johhny Haynes ran Zella and relocated it to Ampton Road, Edgbaston. Again more details needed about this please!

Ex Rumblefish singer/guitarist Jeremy Paige sent me over to You Tube and this video for Fine Young Cannibals – Johnny Come Home which he told me was shot at Zella Studios in Ampton Rd: