Jones and Crossland was a very popular musical instuments shop in the mid to late 1960’s.
It was situated on Smallbrook Queensway roughly where Richer Sounds are now.
A visit there on a Saturday afternoon would often result in seeing people like Roy Wood, and other well known local musicians.
Park musical equipment was stocked there and it was said by many people at the time that Cleartone Musical Instruments, who made Park, were owned by the same people as the shop.

Apart from the brand name on the front the 100 watt and 50 watt Park valve amps, and the 4/12 Park speaker cabinets were almost inistinguishable from Marshall equipment, and it was rumoured that Park had been born out a need to fill a gap left by a contract to manufacture Marshall equipment, which had come to an end.
Roumour also suggested that Park was basically Marshall circuitry with minor changes to avoid patent infringement.
It is certainly true that on inspection of the innards the only obvious difference without reference to a parts list, was that Park used pairs of the large KT66 valves in push-pull manner (one pair in the 50 watt amp and two pairs in the 100 watt amp), whilst the Marshall equipment of the time used the more compact KT88 valves in the same manner.

The maiden name of the wife of Jim Marshall’s friend Johnny Jones wife was said to be Park, so there is probably some truth in those roumours.
There was also a range of Park Guitars.
Park was eventually aquired by Marshall. The Jones and Crossland shop closed some years ago.