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The brilliant and much missed Delta. Press/label release. Via Mike Davies.



This Moseley, Birmingham, England-based band remains one of the best kept secrets on the UK independent music scene. Delta was formed in 1993 by James Roberts (b. 4 March 1970, West Bromwich, West Midlands, England; guitar/vocals), Patrick Roberts (b. 1972, West Midlands, England; drums/vocals) and Robert Cooksey (b. 14 November 1969, Solihull, West Midlands, England; guitar), who had previously played together in cult indie band the Sea Urchins. Adding Bird (b. 1972, England; drums) and John Alford (b. 1977, England; bass), they debuted with the 10-inch single ‘Sugared-Up’ on the Che label. Three singles for Dishy Records followed before the band signed to the Acid Jazz Records subsidiary Focus. This move effectively put the band’s career on hold for almost five years, with no material being released. They eventually broke free of the contract, returning to early supporters Dishy. Laughing Mostly, a compilation of EP tracks and demos recorded between 1994 and 1997, finally saw the light of day in 1999. Cooksey was subsequently replaced by keyboard player Louis J. Clark, the son of noted arranger Louis Clark who collaborated with Jeff Lynne on most of ELO’s albums. The band’s debut album proper, Slippin’ Out, was recorded at UB40’s studios and utilised horns and a string section to augment the Roberts brothers’ classic pop songs. The follow-up was originally slated for release on a major label, but the band’s run of bad luck continued when they were dropped following a management reshuffle. Hard Light was eventually released on the band’s own label.


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Sea Urchins

The Sea Urchins were a near legendary indie band formed in 1986. They were the first band to release a single on the similarly legendary Sarah Records.

The initial line-up was James Roberts (vocals), Simon Woodcock (guitar), Robert Cooksey (guitar), Mark Bevin (bass), Bridget Duffy (tambourine, organ), and Patrick Roberts (drums).Their first two releases were flexi discs given away with fanzines in 1987. Bevin left, to be replaced by Darren Martin.Their “Pristine Christine” single was the first Sarah Records release, and is highly coveted among vinyl record collectors. With the following year’s double-A-side “Solace”/”Please Rain Fall” they began to show more mod-rock influences. Both singles were successful in indie terms, but Sarah Records were unwilling to commit to an album, and Duffy and Martin left. Woodcock took over on bass, with James Roberts adding guitar. The band released one more single for Sarah (“A Morning Oddyssey” in 1990), but disagreements about the next single saw them move on to Cheree Records, who issued “Please Don’t Cry” in 1991. The band split up in summer 1991. Two albums were subsequently released; Sarah Records issued a compilation of the band’s material for the label, including the flexi-disc tracks, as Stardust in 1992, while Fierce Recordings issued a live album in 1994.

James Roberts, Cooksey, and Woodcock later formed the band Delta. James Roberts, Patrick Roberts, and Robert Cooksey also formed The Low Scene.


James Roberts (born 4 March 1970) – vocals, acoustic guitar
Robert Cooksey (born 14 November 1969) – lead guitar
Simon Woodcock (born 2 December 1969) – rhythm guitar, bass
Bridget Duffy (born 28 June 1970) – vox organ, tambourine (1986–1989)
Patrick Roberts – drums
Mark Bevin (born 21 January 1970) – bass (1986–1987)
Darren Martin – bass guitar (1987–1989)


Stardust (1992), Sarah
Live in London (1994), Fierce

“Pristine Christine” (1987), Sarah (UK Indie No. 11)
“Pristine Christine” (1987), Sarah (UK Indie No. 11)
“Please Rain Fall”/”Solace” (1988) Sarah (UK Indie No. 4)
Recorded 30.10.88 (1988), Fierce
“A Morning Odyssey” (1990), Sarah
“Please Don’t Cry” (1991), Cheree

Compilation appearances
“Cling Film” on The Kvatch flexi (1987), Kvatch
“Summershine” on Sha-La-La Flexi 5 (1987), Sha La La
“Pristine Christine” on There And Back Again Lane (1995), Sarah
“Pristine Christine” on Rough Trade Shops Indiepop 1 (2004), Rough Trade
“Pristine Christine” on CD86 (2006), Sanctuary

Mike Geohagen (who quite rightly point out the lack of an entry to the group) also sent these photos in.

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