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Ausgang are a gothic rock band formed in Birmingham in 1983.


Ausgang formed from the ashes of previous band Kabuki. Some members had also been members of another band, The Solicitors. Max (vocals), Cub (bass guitar) and Matthew (guitar) were all previously in Kabuki, the band releasing one single (“I Am a Horse”) before splitting up. With drummer Ibo they formed Ausgang and played their first gig in September 1983 at the Powerhouse in Birmingham. They toured with The Wonder Stuff and The Cult before signing to Criminal Damage Records. Cub was replaced by Stu and the band signed to FM Revolver Records, with their debut album Manipulate released in January 1986. The band and label parted ways and after a tour with Gene Loves Jezebel, the band set up their own Shakedown label, returning with the “King Hell” 12-inch single later that year. Inspired by a friend who had painted the slogan on his jacket, the band briefly lengthened their name to Ausgang-a-Go-Go in an attempt to break away from their goth reputation, releasing a mini-LP under that name in 1987 before splitting up. They reformed in 2003.


The Teachings of Web 12″ EP (1984), Criminal Damage
Solid Glass Spine 7″ single (1984), Criminal Damage – (UK Indie No. 28)
Head On! 12″ EP (1984), Criminal Damage
Hunt Ya Down 12″ EP (1985), Heavy Metal FM
Manipulate (album)|Manipulate LP (1985), Heavy Metal FM
King Hell 12″ EP (1986), Shakedown
Los Descamisados mini-LP (1987), Shakedown – as Ausgang-A-Go-Go
Last Exit… The Best of Ausgang LP/CD (2001), Anagram
Licked LP (2005)

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Itchy Fingers A Go Go


Here It Comes

Mighty Mighty

Mighty Mighty were an indie band formed in Birmingham, England in the mid-1980s. Showing influences from Postcard Records bands such as Orange Juice, they came to prominence when featured on the NME’s C86 compilation, at around the same time that they released their debut single “Everybody Knows The Monkey”. This was soon followed by a 12″ single – “Is There Anyone Out There?” before the band signed to Chapter 22 Records, releasing a string of well-received singles and the album Sharks in 1988. With their brand of indie pop giving way to American influenced rock and shoegazing, they split in 1988.

Band members: Russell Burton – Bass and vocals, Mick Geoghegan – Guitar, Pete Geoghegan – Vox organ and guitar, D J Hennessy – Drums, Hugh McGuinness – Vocals and harmonica
Singer Hugh once said during an interview that the difference between Mighty Mighty and The Smiths was that “they write two-minute pop songs and we write three-minute pop songs”.

Continuing interest in the band saw the reissue of Sharks in 2000, the release of a compilation album of BBC session tracks in 2001, and two compilations of singles and unreleased tracks in 2000 and 2001.

They reformed for the Indietracks music festival in 2009.

They played Popfest Berlin in 2010, followed by Firestation Records of Berlin issuing their ‘lost second album’ on vinyl and CD, 25 years after it was recorded.

In 2013 Cherry Red Records released a major double CD compilation entitled ‘Pop Can – the definitive collection 1986-88’.


Everybody Knows The Monkey (7″, 1986, Girlie Records, GAY001)
Is There Anyone Out There? (12″, 1986, Girlie Records, XGAY2)
Throwaway (7″/12″, 1986, Chapter 22, CHAP10/12CHAP10)
Built Like A Car (7″/12″, 1987, Chapter 22, CHAP12/12CHAP12)
One Way (7″/12″, 1987, Chapter 22, CHAP19/12CHAP19)
Maisonette (7″/12″, 1988, Chapter 22, CHAP21/12CHAP21)

Sharks (1988, Chapter 22, CHAPLP24) reissued (2000, Vinyl Japan)
A Band From Birmingham (2000) Vinyl Japan
The Girlie Years (2001) Vinyl Japan
At The BBC (2001) Vinyl Japan
The Betamax Tapes (2012) Firestation Records
Pop Can – The Definitive Collection 1986-88 (2013) Cherry Red Records

Mike from the band has sent these awesome photos in to the archive.

Everybody Knows the Monkey

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