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Dennis Detheridge

As a working musician in the 1950’s around the Birmingham area, Dennis Detheridge was a well know local music reporter, covering the local jazz scene, and visiting big band concerts, and working for the old Evening Despatch. I left the city in 1958 to pursue my own musical career, and lost track of Dennis.
I understand that, later, he was involved in both the Midland Beat & Brum Beat magazines.

My question is: Is Dennis still around, indeed even alive?!! Any information would be gratefully received.

Eddie Haynes

The Grasshoppers

One of the first rock n roll bands in Birmingham featuring Billy Wakeman and Brenda Bosworth.

I joined the band in 1956 and were with them until 1960 when I moved to London. There were many changes in the band during the time I was with them noteably Micky Bakewell, Tony Finnister both went on to join The Modenairs. I came back from London to help out making a recording with the Grasshoppers for an album produced by Davis Gouch called Brum Beat.

Dave Carter

Brum Beat

Brum Beat, Number 149, May 1993.

Full copy of Brum Beat from May 1993 featuring Stephen Duffy, The Great Divide, Mack & The Boys, Tony Fenelle

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