I was in two bands in the late sixties in the Midlands based around Solihull for the first one, Hymn Outlet which was their second name I can’t remember the first one when I joined, and Birmingham the second one which I think I remember was called Genesis. The first band was popular in Solihull  although we played all over the place, I remember all the normal Birmingham venues, Sharpness, White Haven, Barnett town hall,  and I remember playing the Belfray twice the first time with Manfred Mann.
The second outfit  I joined in the late  60’s one of our first gigs was the Rasputin club in Oxford street I think. We also did a tour of Holland and Belgium where we were on the radio once and I remember doing an advert for Bastos cigarettes. The people I remember from Hymn Outlet, Geoff Day lead guitar later bass, John Alloway drums, Tom ?? rhythm guitar and Rod Bradshaw bass. The personnel did change we later had another lead guitar Pete ?? bass player, organ player and a guy on sax.
The latter band I remember the lead guitarist was Bob Hewitt, bass was a guy called Jules ??? there was also an organist and drummer who’s names I can’t remember. I do know the organist had a Hammond organ because we had to carry it up stairs at various places! I also knew the guys in the Traction and nearly got to joint them when their singers went AWOL before a gig at Malvern. Happy days didn’t make any money but I would not have missed it for the world.

Thanks to Boris Cross