Wassifa Sound System was owned and managed in 1972 on Stamford Rd, Handsworth, Birmingham, England by Mykal Brown.

Previous sound members between 70s, 80’s and mid 90s included Errol Mitchell, Big T (Tony Rowe), Big John (John Johnson), Frenchie (Roy Hamilton), Bu Bu (Vincent Johnson), Eric Mitchell, Runnings (Lanzo Hamilton) and Natti (Delroy Hamilton).

We would like to say special thank you to Mrs Vera Brown (The mother figure of the sound), Jahmi Williams (Cleveland Williams), Jahweh (Cornell Brown) and their families for their continuous support and direction over the years.

In the 80’s and early 90’s we had singers and MC’s that use to sing/DJ/toast/rap over instrumentals on our Sound System. Some of these MC’s included Pato Banton, Macka B, Bitty McLean, Apache Indian, Mickey Tuff, Daddy B, Speng Man, Jahbi, Desta, Sister Dan and Bright Eyes.

We are honoured to have selected alongside some of the world’s greatest sound systems.
We’ve listed a few for you, King Jammies, King Stur Grav, Jah Tubbies, Fatman, Stone Love, Metro Media, Jah Shaka, Sir Coxson, Saxon Studio, Luv Injection, V Rocket, Jah Massigan, Jungle Man, Nyah, Quaker City, Jack Ruby, Skippy & Lippy, Enterprise, Baron, Sovereign Sound, Gemmi Magic, Unity Sound, Rapattack, Master Mind, Rampage, Java and David Rodigan.

“Sound systems like Jammy’s Volcano and Black Scorpio kept the public thirsting for more material”….. “A similar process went on in the UK, with the sounds of Saxon Studio, Wassifa Hi-Fi and Unity all offering something different to their Jamaican counterparts”. Sited page 64 from The Guinness who’s who of Reggae, Published 1994, General Editor: Colin Larkin.

Since 1995 Wassifa Showcase (continued by Mykal Brown/Shadi/Mr Priceless) founded I.D.E.A.L Academy which means; Innovation – Development in Edutainment – Arts and Leisure. We continue to assist and develop many projects to this present day. Equipping them with the necessary expertise to get off the ground and maintain their services in years to come.

We have been a key link to implementing further education courses for other legal radio stations such as: Big City Radio, Fusion/New Style Radio, Javani FM Radio, Sparkbeat Radio and Youth FM. Many inner city Presenters/DJs have been educated through these programmes and have since gone on to be a high industry success. Our music library was even used to set up on of Birmingham’s legal inner city radio station called “Choice FM”. Michael Brown presented a range of shows including- Reggae Countdown on Choice FM which then emerged into Galaxy FM.

Following in his father’s footsteps Jelani Brown aka JB also broadcasted on Galaxy FM. He is also one of the selectors for Wassifa and the founder of a community project called ‘The Mixing Lab’.

Ironically both father and son are employed at South & City College Birmingham, Michael as an Assistant Director – Access to Further Education –Community Provision and Jelani as a Mentor to the students.

Other than radio many TV channels, actors and broadcasters have also benefited from our structure and expertise. Our guidance has given many of the above an opportunity to have their material being streamed on TV, radio and the internet.