Adventure Club is Oliver Williams and Ryan Davis. Friends since 13 years old, they met at school and instantly bonded over an almost psychotic interest in music.
The following years consisted of falling into bands and falling out with each other. When they realised that no one else could get on with them they started gigging the pubs and clubs of Birmingham with two guitars and lots of songs. They called themselves alf-Alpha. People loved the songs, but wanted to hear a full band. So they got one, and stated gigging all over the county.

Tired of paying out for demos they started recording themselves, and in 2003 released a single “The Imminent Feeling” on their own I Kill Spiders Records Label. The band fell apart but the songs were getting better. The new batch sounded more positive musically. Lyrically the ideas had become more questioning, touching on themes of fear, love, being lost and trying to find your way in the world. So, after facing many a demon, family bereavement and reading a lot of Robert Louis Stevenson, Oliver and Ryan moved to the Island Of Herne to record and live in the wilderness for a year. Simply because there was literary nobody around, Ryan ended playing most of the instruments having, in some cases, to learn new ones in the process. Mean while, Oliver recorded and steered from the helm.

The music recorded has become their first album “Wilderness Music.” Adventure Club was born. Now, backed on stage by long time friends and Birmingham’s indie heroes, The Will to Rally, Adventure Club live is quite a experience. Ever been strapped to the north face of the Eiger? You’re kind of getting there, at an Adventure Club show.

Thrilling, sometimes scary always magical. Adventure Club, anyone can join. In fact you’re probably already a member. You just don’t know it yet.

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