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Memories of Brum Gigs 77-79. Where you there?

So here it is, 657 gigs that took place in Brum from 77-79. Compiled by Neil from gigs he attended, gigs he saw advertised in the Sunday Mercury, evening Mail and Melody Maker. It is an incredible picture of the bands who played and played together and the venues they played. I’m really interested in the history of Barbarellas and the bands who played there over that period is a who’s who of punk.

I want to thank Neil for providing such an amazing list of gigs and throw it open to BPMA community to add other gigs, amend line ups, and share memories of the gigs. What were the bands like, who did you go with, what was the best gig?

As always, over to you!

Memories of Brum Gigs 77-79 part 2

So I exchanged emails with Neil saying this is exactly the type of memories that we want here at the BPMA. Neil has sent the Archive his list of gigs from 77-79 (all 657 of them!) which I’ll post in a separate separately but as Neil says, he hopes this triggers some more memories and debates from those who were there!

Memories of Brum Gigs 77-79 part 1

We were contacted here at the Birmingham Popular Music Archive by Neil Evans who lived in Birmingham up until 1978. Neil wrote…In fact here is the original message Neil sent:

I left Birmingham in 1978 but I’m interested in what you are up to. Somewhere I have a list of pretty much all the concerts that took place probably in 1975 – 1977 era, I’ll see if I can dig it up and get it on a copier and send it off to you.

Bands I remeber seeing:

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