Steve Whittall has written in about Spellbound:

Spellbound a 4 piece band  played at the Railway most wednesdays during the 70s a sort of west coast funk (as it was known for a while) still have photos and a recording of a gig there.

Promo photo was taken when we were trying to get taken on by Big Bear Records (never happened)It was taken in the car park at the back of the Crown at the bottom of Hill Street centre of Birmingham, Left to right Jim Lane – Guitar, Jon Lane – Guitar, Noel Price – Bass and Steve Whittall – Drums. As a matter of interest the bowler hat that I am styling belonged to Noels Dad who is Sir Frank Price ex Lord Mayor of Birmingham.
The two photos of us playing are at the Crown Hill street, The pub had a reputation of being a bit rough, we asked the barman about it and he replied “it’s OK Harry will sort it” “who’s Harry?” we asked. The Barman produced a well used baseball bat from behind the bar. I have to say it didn’t calm the nerves.

As well as the photos, Steve has sent the following recordings of Spellbound in:

1: Juicy John Pink 2: Funky Woman 3: Blues 4: Agro