Today would have marked the 60th birthday of Phil Lynott, lead singer of the seminal Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. What has this got to do with Birmingham and the Archive I hear you ask?

Well Phil was actually born in Birmingham and lived here for the first few years of his life with his mother Philomena. Amazingly, we also think he made his last ever appearance on record with a Birmingham musician, Colbert Hamilton a.k.a Black Elvis about 3 weeks before his death. This record has lay hidden and unheard for some 25 years.

In association with Sam Coley and Ellie Gibbons from the Birmingham School of Media at BCU and Paul Murphy of The Destroyers, BMA have made a 26 minute documentary and two audio/visual slideshows celebrating Phil Lynott, from his early days in Birmingham to his eventual death. We uncover and listen to the ‘lost’ track and talk to Colbert about the experience.

I’m really pleased to announce that BBC WM will be playing the documentary in fill on Saturday 22nd August at 13.05 pm. Also on the BBC is a tribute page which can be accessed here:

You can also see and view the audio/visual slide shows that accompany the documentary here: