Misty’s Big Adventure are an eight piece band from Birmingham. Their music is an eclectic mix of jazz, lounge, psychedelia, two tone, pop and punk. A long time fixture on the Birmingham experimental music scene, Grandmaster Gareth formed the band in 1996 with his friend Sam Minnear. The name was taken from a story in the 1968 children’s book The Magic Roundabout Annual about a kitten, Misty, who meets a dog and they become friends.

Misty’s songs typically consist of Grandmaster Gareth singing in a deadpan, maudlin style accompanied by lively guitar, keyboards and brass players. They occasionally include samples and toy instruments in their songs. Contrasting with Gareth’s dour lounge-singer act is the dancer Erotic Volvo. Dressed in a loose full-body red sack with numerous stuffed blue gloves attached, and his face painted blue, he dances continuously and in an exhaustingly frenetic manner, often moving around the audience. He occasionally also performs as a human beat box.

All members of the band are trained musicians, and are predominantly based in the Moseley suburb of Birmingham. The band’s spiritual home was the Jug of Ale venue in Moseley, where they played regularly until it was shut down in 2008, fittingly, Misty’s played the last ever gig there. They have played widely outside Birmingham too and since 2005 they have toured extensively around the UK with forays into Europe, and support slots for The Zutons and The Magic Numbers. They are managed by Mathew Priest, formerly the drummer with Dodgy.

Band Members:
Grandmaster Gareth (real name Gareth Jones) (vocals),
Hannah Baines (trumpet)
Lucy Baines (saxophone)
Lucy Bassett (keyboards)
Matt Jones (bass)
Sam Minnear (drums, percussion)
John Kedge (guitar)
Erotic Volvo (dancer).

Former members:
DJ Feva

Special thanks to Keith Law for content.