So I exchanged emails with Neil saying this is exactly the type of memories that we want here at the BPMA. Neil has sent the Archive his list of gigs from 77-79 (all 657 of them!) which I’ll post in a separate separately but as Neil says, he hopes this triggers some more memories and debates from those who were there!

Well I found my list of concerts, it’s from 76 through 78, info was gleaned from the Evening Mail, the Sunday Mercury and Melody Maker. I got a lot of my memories wrong according to my list. It’s a fascinating read, can you imagine seeing AC/DC at the Mayfair Suite, the Police at Barberellas or Talking heads supporting the Ramones? It’s an interesting time when punk was coming in and going out, still lots of folk rock and old school rock music.
Racing Cars and the Motors were the other support groups that were on the circuit a lot. I remember that Racing Cars bored the crap out of everyone
What ever possesed me to write all this down I’ve no idea, seems very nerdy. It was probably¬†intended for this moment.
In some respects I hope that the list becomes a little controversial, the entries are taken straight from the newspapers of the day and I’ve probably missed stuff, got the dates wrong, support acts would have changed, concerts canceled etc. It would be wondeful to have others chime in and provide their stories. I’ll have to add a few comments of my own. I’ve also found a page of newspaper clippings I’ll have to copy and send you
Just remember that Dec 18, 1976 concert of Rory Gallagher at Bingley Hall was the best ever….
Before my time but I heard that he played the Town Hall in 1975 and turned up in Brum early to do a radio interview. Meanwhile the rest of the band get fog bound on the M1 and miss the concert. Rory calls up some local mates and gets a concert together for that evening¬†with the intent of playing for 1/2 hour or so and ends up playing a blinder for 2 hours then comes back a few weeks later to play with the band. I don’t have the details but I bet someone out there does