The Cedar Club was located on Constitution Hill and is a fondly remembered place where visiting musician who were playing at the Odeon would swing by for impromptu jams. Jimi Hendrix dropped by one night and clambered on stage for a bit of a session!

Opened by Eddie Fewtrell, whose empire in Birmingham, became one of the greatest in club history, and one of the best of it’s kind in the country. Birmingham would definitely not be the place that it is today without Eddie Fewtrell, known as ‘King of Clubs’. From his first club, the Bermuda Club, in Navigation Street,


The Cedar Club, on the corner at the left of the picture

Eddie moved to pastures new, in the form of the Cedar Club, on Constitution Hill

Eddie’s brother Don managed the Cedar Club in Constitution Hill, which ran for 30 years and changed the face of nightlife in Birmingham for good.

The Cedar Club featured many top names, from The Faces, Rod Stewart, Status Quo, and 50’s and 60’s stars such as Duane Eddy and Cat Stevens.

The Cedar was also notable for having probably one of the first DJ’s in the city, by the name of Ted. He was an eccentric character, with a ‘posh’ voice.

One of the first resident bands was Carl Wayne And The Vikings who had just returned to Birmingham from Germany.

In the mid 1960s in Birmingham, the Cedar Club was the place to go and see the “happening” acts. Other local bands who performed there regularly was Danny King and The Mayfair Set and Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders. Various members from these three groups would sometimes get together
on stage for spontaneous jam sessions.

Davy Jones and The Lower Third from London were performing at The Cedar Club one evening late in 1965 and their singer (who would later change his name to David Bowie) mentioned to Trevor Burton from the Mayfair Set and Ace Kefford from The Vikings that they should consider forming their own group,so they did and promptly became The Move.

Compiled by Keith Law

Our aim to build a complete list of gigs at the Cedar Club. Here’s a start but we need your help!

The Toast 27/11/68
Gnidrolog 10 11/07/72
Hackensack 13/07/72
Tea and Symphony 17&18/07/72
Capability Brown 19/07/72

Terry Savage was a DJ at The Cedar Club and he sent this picture of himself, aged 18, dj-ing at the club.


Terry Savage DJ11012999_10152627736957676_6256816684179842368_n