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Brum Music Month: Moorish Delta7 -Art Of Survival

Bit of Hip-Hop for Sunday tea? Have a bit of Moorish Delta7!


Brum Music Month: Gary Nock – Dynamite

Birmingham is rightly lauded for our Heavy Metal heritage but the city has always had a really strong acoustic songwriter lineage. Today’s offering is one of a new bunch currently coming through and is on the verge of gaining wider recognition.

So here is an introduction to Gary Nock.


Brum Music Month: The Destroyers – Tower of Babel

In honour of the official release of the mighty Destroyers single Out Of Babel here is a video from 2008 of the song. Fronted by the marvelous Paul Murphy this 12/13/14? piece band are simply brilliant, catch them live and prepare to be blown away by the quality and exuberance of them.

This posting is also in support of The Rainbow in their fight against the outrageous Noise Abatement Order they are being served with. If the City Council are serious about embedding culture in the Big City Plan and want to support, nurture and promote Birmingham as a cultural city then they should be working with and not against Kent and The Rainbow and stop cosying up to big property development companies.


Brum Music Month: Dexys Midnight Runners – There, There My Dear

I could really have chosen any number of Dexys songs and can’t really explain why I chose this track, but without doubt these are one of the greatest bands to come from this fair city.
Despite commercial success, Dexys earned only grudging respect from the industry, mainly because Kevin Rowland had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve with his band and refused to play the industry game.
There are numerous stories of how Rowland ran the group which led to the band changing musical and satorial direction which ultimately led to the eventual break up of the band but there is no denying their brilliance.
It’s worth also checking out The Killjoys, The Bureau and The Blue Ox Babes (where you can really hear the influence Kevin Archer had on the Dexys sound) who all had various personnel from Dexys involved.

To read an account of one mans love of Dexys click on the link

Today’s track is dedicated to Mr Paul Long whose birthday it is and who keeps promising to write a piece for the on Dexys but hasn’t!

Happy birthday Paul.


Brum Music Month: Fine Young Cannibals – Johnny Come Home

Love it, love it, love it. FYC came from the ashes of The Beat with David Cox, David Steele. Singer Roland Gift completed the trio. Formed in 1984, Johnny Come Home was their debut single. I first came across the band when thier video for this song was played on the Tube music programme. I recently interviewed Brummie Chris Phipps who was a producer on the Tube and had responsibility for booking the bands, not forgetting his roots Chris immediately got the video on there and inadvertently sent FYC on their way.

FYC would go on to enjoy a huge amount of fame with a number one singles and albums in both the UK and US charts.


Brum Music Month: Bentley Rhythm Ace – Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out

Formed by Richard March and Mike Stokes with a revolving ensemble of other musicians including ex Poppies Fuzz Townsend, Bentlys were at the vanguard of the Beat Beat movement.
This is an infectious track that will bring a smile to your face on a glorious sunny day.


Brum Music Month: Judas Priest – Breaking The Law

Another classic Birmingham band, this time the indomitable Judas Priest. Need or anything else just get yer air guitars ready…..


Brum Music Month: Higher Intelligence Agency – Hubble

Mainstay of HIA is Bobby Bird who works with a number of collaborators, noticably Steve Savale from Asian Dub Foundation. Known as Ambient Dub, Ambient Psychadelia and Ambient Techno, HIA were true originators.
Perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon, stick this on loud to accompany your BBQ’s!

Brum Music Month: Soweto Kinch – Good Nyooz

Brilliant saxophonist, skilled mc, musical experimenter and a man who is committed to his city and works to make it a better place to live. Witness this first if you are in Birmingham today at the Flyover Show in Hockley. That’s a music and performance one day fesitval, under a flyover in what could be described as a deprived inner city suburb. Oh and Linton Kwesi Johnson is playing and it’s free.

Much respect to Soweto. Enjoy!

Brum Music Month: My Alamo – 1994

This is why I love Brum Music Month, a chance encounter with Matt from My Alamo last night in the pub jolted my memory of this fine alternative rock band and decided pretty quickly what today’s track should be. Hailing from South Wales and Moseley this is another band quietly building their audience, receiving airplay and plaudits for their music.

1994 should set you up nicely for the weekend. Enjoy!

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