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Table Scraps


Table Scraps, Scruffy Murphy’s 01/06/13 via Paul Harris

Band Members: Scott Vincent Abbott (guitar/vocals,) Poppy Twist (drums/vocals)

Hare And Hounds


The Nervous Kind, Hare And Hounds 2012 via Paul Harris

Situated in the South Birmingham suburb of Kings Heath, the Hare and Hounds has been around since 1820, but has stood in its present form since 1907.  This, along with the beautiful and unique Art Nouveau tiles that line the entry hall and staircase, is a major contributing factor to its current Grade II listed status.

Although playing host to local Birmingham legends UB4O’s first ever gig in 1979 (recently commemorated by a PRS Music Heritage award and plaque), it is only in the past 7 years that it’s really established itself as one of the most important and influential music venues in the country, playing a vital part in nurturing the city’s vibrant music and creative community.

The pub boasts two downstairs bars which host regular food evenings, a pub quiz and weekend DJs whilst the two upstairs venues feature live music & club nights spanning jazz, indie, funk, reggae, hip hop, soul, house, D’n’B & comedy most nights of the week.

“Eddies” / Edwards Rock Complex


Pearl Jam – Edwards 26 February 1992. via Clive Hetherington

Better known as Eddies, the Edwards Rock Complex (including “Edwards No.8”) was a huge part of Birmingham’s rock and goth scene. It was located on Lower Severn Street between New Street Station and The Mailbox. Originally part of Eddie Fewtrell’s group of clubs it is best remembered for the period from 1987 onwards when it became a purely rock and alternative music club compromising of two pubs/bars, a second club (“Edwards No.7”) located immediately beneath it, and another club named “Goldwyns” next door in an adjacent building.

In the late 80’s it was the heart of a thriving Rock complex, which comprised two pubs/bars, a second club (“Edwards No.7”) located immediately beneath it, and another club named “Goldwyns” next door in an adjacent building.


The club sadly burnt down a little after 1am on November 12th 2006. Following the fire a few temporary nights were arranged in a nearby pub Gosta Green, with an alternative longer-term residency then being established in The Newt pub. Edwards No8 changed its name to EDDIES and from until June 2014 was located on Gough Street. Following the sale of the building to a property developer, the club was closed without notice. Owner Colin Wall, with the help of over 20,000 Facebook fans found The Tunnel Club (Livery Street, Birmingham B3 1HL) allowed Eddies to rock the club from July 5th 2014.



Past gigs include:

Pearl Jam, Dogs D’Amour, Modulate, Enter Shikari, All About Eve, Angelspit, Apoptygma Berzerk, The Berzerker, Bikini Kill, Blaze Bayley, Bleed From Within, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Cathedral, Code 64, Covenant, Cradle Of Filth, Cryptopsy, Dead Swans, Defeater, Die So Fluid, Discharge, Enter Shikari, Flymore, Furyon, GBH, Gothika, Honeycrack, Horrorpops, Inkubus Sukkubus Jake Lee, Leather Face, Lukin, March Violets, Melvins, Mercury Rev, Morbid Angel, Mudhoney, Napalm Death, Nirvana, Orange Goblin, Eden House, Powerquest, Prong, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, Senser, Skindred, Smashing Pumpkins, Space Ritual, Spear Of Destiny, The Stone Roses, Therapy?, Vader, The Verve, Viatrophy, Weezer, Wrathchild, Dave McPherson, INME, VNV Nation & Combichrist.





Sloopys, 178 Coporation Street, Birmingham. Now John’s Fish Bar.

The Noseflutes

The Noseflutes were an unorthodox, late-eighties band based in Birmingham. They released three EPs and three albums, recorded four sessions for Radio 1’s John Peel, and received generally favourable reviews from the contemporary music press. Their second album, Zib Zob and His Kib Kob, rightly made The People newspaper’s list of The 101 Most Awful Album Titles of All Time. During their existence they became “the house band for Birmingham”.

The band was formed in 1980 and both the band and the members went through several names before settling on the Noseflutes (previous names include The Blaggards, the Cream Dervishes, Extroverts in a Vacuum, The Viable Sloths, Pantaloni Brothers, and Shitstormer). The band’s first releases were on Reflex Records, home to The Very Things and And Also the Trees. Reflex issued the band’s first EP, Girth, in 1985, and the debut album Several Young Men Ignite Hardboard Stump the following year. They then moved on to Ron Johnson Records, who issued the band’s next two EPs, The Ravers (tracks from the band’s 1986 Peel session) and Heartache is Irresistible. When Ron Johnson ceased to operate, the band continued with their own Rictus Recordings label, releasing the albums Zib Zob and his Kib Kob and Mellow Throated in 1989 and 1991 respectively, before splitting up.

The band were described by the Birmingham Mail as a “wonderfully perverse avant weird outfit”.

Singer Martin Longley and bassist Chris Horton formed a new band, The Clicking Stick, along with Paul McKenna, releasing the album Mocrophone in 2001. Dave Pritchard and John Horton released two albums under the names Acme Spring Company and Cubans Dials in the early 1990s. Chris Long recorded under his stage name of Legs Akimbo, with Nick Duffy of The Lilac Time.

In late 2010 many of the original members of the Noseflutes were performing as The Crimplene Explosion.

Band Members
Chris Horton – bass guitar, keyboards, guitar
John Horton – guitar, bass guitar, keyboards
Chris Long (aka Legs Akimbo) – keyboards, violin, guitar
Martin Longley – vocals, saxophone, trombone
Dave Pritchard – guitar, bass guitar
Mark Rowson – drums, percussion, keyboards
Ron Collins – drums, percussion
Trevor Lines – drums, percussion, bass guitar
Roger Turner – drums and percussion


Girth (12″, 1985, Reflex, UK)
The Ravers (12″, 1986, Ron Johnson, UK)
Heartache Is Irresistible (12″, 1987, Ron Johnson, UK)

Several Young Men Ignite Hardboard Stump (LP, 1986, Reflex, UK)
Zib Zob And His Kib Kob (LP, 1989, Rictus Recordings, UK)
Mellow Throated (LP, 1991, Rictus Recordings, UK)
Compilation appearances
A Reflex Compilation (LP, 1985, Reflex): “Past Promise Broken In A Previous Life”
Hits and Corruption (LP, 1986, Hits $ Corruption): “Holidaytime”
The First After Epiphany (LP, 1987, Ron Johnson): “Bodyhair Up In The Air”
Year One – The Best Of Premonition Tapes (So Far) (cassette, 1988, Premonition Tapes): “Leg Full Of Alcohol (Live)”
Commercially Unfriendly (CD, 2005, Gott Discs): “Give Me The Keys” ( Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License)

The Filipinos

The Filipinos were a proto – grunge rock ‘n roll band who released three albums (one was a compilation of the 12″ and some out-takes and live)

They toured the UK with Thee Hypnotics, and had their support dates with Nirvana blown out by an early occourrence of Kurt’s ‘health issues’ and had to make do with dates with SUB POP label mates the Afghan Whigs instead (not nearly such a good story we have found….) They also completed a tour of Italy too…

Thanks to David Twist for the info.

Members were Billy Child – Vocals, Mark Barrows – Guitar, Anthony Darby – Bass, David Twist – Drums and Henry Smith – Organ

These two tracks were from the 12′ Summertime – 1990 released on Wild Records.


Are You Nervous?


Thanks to Andrew Welch who sent in the info and also recorded their 1988 album Doo.Wadda.Doo.Wop! at SoundCheck Studios for Swordfish Records.

Steve Lawler

Steve Lawler is a British house music producer and DJ born in Birmingham, England. He has held residences at many popular dance clubs such as Space, The End and Twilo. Because of his successful performances at Space in Ibiza, he was nicknamed “King of Space”. Lawler has released several mix albums and is especially well known for his Lights Outseries featured on Boxed. He currently runs the record label VIVa MUSiC. He also founded the now defunct Harlem Records


Steve Lawler originally gained interest in the music scene around the age of 16, listening to pirate radio stations. Beginning at age 17, Lawler staged a series of illegal parties in a tunnel under the M42 motorway from 1990 to 1994. After several parties, the event began to regularly attract over 500 people and eventually earned Lawler appearances at proper clubs.

Lawler’s first break came in 1995, when DJ Jason Bye asked him to play daily at Ibiza’s reputed Café Mambo of San Antonio “Sunset strip” fame. In 1997 Steve’s big break came when he met Darren Hughes of the nightclub Cream, who signed him to a residency at Cream. In 2000, Steve started his first mix compilation series, titled ‘Dark Drums’. This same year Steve started his new residency for Darren Hughes, at the infamous Club Home, where Steve Lawler held his own Friday nights Deep South which he ran until the club shut down 1 year later. He also released the single “Rise In” on Bedrock Records, which featured vocals from the Reef song Mellow (and previously remixed by Prince Quick) and reached No. 50 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 15 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Club Play. This same year, he was asked by Boxed to mix the third entry in their Nubreed series, Nubreed 003. After his Nubreed release, Lawler approached Boxed with the idea for the Lights Out series. In 2001 Lawler started a night in his hometown Birmingham called the Midweek Session, this was run for 12 parties only, running monthly on a Thursday night. Lawler returned to London in 2002 with the beginning of his “Harlem Nights” event at The End, which was one of The End’s most successful nights and ran continuously for 7 years.  Lawler founded the record label VIVa MUSiC in 2006.

Steve Lawler’s latest creation is his famed VIVa Warriors parties, which is toured globally and holds a Summer residency weekly on Sundays in Ibiza at the nightclub Sankeys Ibiza.

Lawler’s wife Daniela appeared as a contestant on Come Dine With Me on Channel 4 between 22 and 26 November 2010.

Lawler describes his style of house music to be “deep” and “sexy”. Others have echoed his sentiments, comparing Lawler’s music to disco in terms of attitude. Though he’s often named a Tech DJ, Lawler says that he prefers not to fall under any particular genre. Lawler’s music is House and Techno. Of the music Lawler plays, he is known to perform his own edited versions.

Rather than any particular genre or musical groups, Lawler says that his brand of dark house is influenced more by “vices” and dark experiences. He does, however, claim his biggest inspirations as Depeche Mode and The Doors, citing their dark lyrics and atmosphere. Lawler says that the DJ that was most influential on him was Danny Tenaglia, admiring his passion and dedication to DJ-ing and clubbers.

  • 2000: Dark Drums (Tide)
  • 2000: Nubreed 003 (Boxed)
  • 2000: Home (INCredible)
  • 2001: Dark Drums 2 (Tide)
  • 2002: Lights Out (Boxed)
  • 2003: Lights Out 2 (Boxed)
  • 2005: Lights Out 3 (Global Underground Ltd.)
  • 2006: Viva (Ministry of Sound)
  • 2007: VIVa London (Renaissance Records, Ultra Records)
  • 2008: VIVa Toronto (Renaissance Records, Ultra Records)
  • 2011: “Lights Out Decade” (VIVa MUSiC)
  • 2012: “VIVa Warriors” – Mixed by Steve Lawler & Darius Syrossian (VIVa MUSiC)
  • 1999: Novacane – “Rainmaker” (Glow Recordings)
  • 2000: “Rise In” (Bedrock) (UK Singles Chart No. 50, Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play #15/Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales #41)
  • 2002: “Andante” (Bedrock)
  • 2004: “Out at Night” (Subversive)
  • 2005: “That Sound” (Beside Music, Joia Records)
  • 2006: S.L.A.D.L.Y. – “Unicorn” (VIVa MUSiC)
  • 2007: “Courses For Horses” (Renaissance Recordings)
  • 2007: “Violet” (Viva Music)
  • 2007: “Sleep Walking (Tsuba)
  • 2008: “21st Century Ketchup” (Sci-Tec)
  • 2008: “Femme Fatale” (Ovum)
  • 2009: “Kalimba” (R&S Records)
  • 2009: “Carnival” (Tanzbar)
  • 2009: “Distrait” (Systematic)
  • 2009: “Hocus Pocus” (VIVa MUSiC)
  • 2010: “Almerina” (Harthouse)
  • 2010: “Gimme Some More” (VIVa MUSiC)
  • 2013: “Avaida (The Organ Track)” (VIVa MUSiC)
  • 2013: “One Live Jew with Shayne Pilpel” (Viva MUSIC)


The Cantels

Late 80s band. one release on Bubble Records, I Want To Be Alone

I Want To Be Alone
Poor Misguided Fool
Pictures In Your Mind

Band member Simon Maragh has provided a biog of the band:

The Cantels line-up that made the 12″ EP was Susan “Tasha” Emilon on vocals and guitar, Spencer Dobb on bass guitar, Simon Allen on guitar and Stephen Thorne on drums, with me hanging around and playing guitar and keyboard at various times, under my then-name of Simon J. Vincent. Mr. Thorne was subsequently in Delicious Monster.

Mr. Dobb was ousted from the band after a strange set at Brum Uni. during which he inserted inappropriate boogie-woogie bass lines into songs, and at one point lay on his back with his legs up a wall! Spencer’s friend Mr. Allen left with him, and the band gained a much better bassist in Nick Lambrianou (apologies if that is mis-spelled); the line-up of Sue, Stephen, Nick and I recorded a 7″ single called Scream/Killer Eyes, which was manufactured (on the Bluepoint label, named after Sue’s horrible cat) but never went on sale as far as I know, although it’s possible one or two might have been sold at gigs. Both Cantels records were recorded at Outlaw.

We had a few high profile supports due to Ms. Emilon’s then partner having a stint as a gig promoter- Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Shamen. Most of these ended in disarray and/or unpleasantness for one reason or another! Ms. Emilon eventually left Birmingham for London, where she formed a band called Jane Reaction (with original Slits bassist Suzy Webb aka Suzy Gutsy!)- they played once at the Jug of Ale in the ’90s, probably with my outfit Dog Food

The Capitols

80s indie band linked to The Cantels released one 7″ on Cake Records

A – Who Can Tell ?
B – Every Time

The band was:
Bass – Jimbo
Drums – Phil
Guitar – Tank
Violin – Maria
Vocals, Guitar – Sue

Paul Murphy

Renowned musician and cultural activist. Founder of the legendary Songwriters Cafe started in 1996 and held at Fibber McGhee’s and then Scruffy Murphy’s in Birmingham. The Sunday sessions played host to luminaries such as PP Arnold and Ocean Colour Scene and a roster of amazing musicians. In later years it moved to Paul’s back garden and his incredible Treehouse!

Paul was also the singer with the amazing Destroyer’s and released solo albums The Glen and Crossing the Sounds as well as appearing in the film Numbskull.

Paul passed away on 28th January 2016.

Paul Murphy at Bearwood Shuffle

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