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Adrian Boult Hall





Basement club beneath Liberty’s, Hagley Road. Egyptian plaster decor installed by Ian Horner Studios (Halesowen).

Home to Bruce Q’s Kitten Klub

Erskine T

Managed Maxi Priest, Chaka Demus and Pliers, Carol Thompson and General Levy and Sly and Robbie (to be expanded upon).

Presenter on BRMB Radio (to be expanded upon).

Worked in The Diskery record shop (to be expanded upon).


198-200 Moseley Road, Highgate – Founded by the late Gus Williams

(an educational charity serving the Afro-Caribbean Community in Birmingham)

Gaelle Finley Archive

Gaelle Finley Archive

Image of Prince Charles visiting ACAFESS here


220 Broad Street

Tramps 2

Tramps 1


Hudson Bay

Night ‘n’ Day

Coast to Coast

Mr. Moons

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