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The Steering Wheel

Jazz Dance competition held at the club on Sunday 19th December 1993. There was no subsequent final held.

Affiliated with Straight No Chaser magazine in some way – to investigate.

Three judges including Steve Williams

DJs on the day included Bruce Q (Liquid Fusion)


Oscar Anderson – The Floor Technicians (winner) from Bristol
Lozz Lee from Birmingham
Donald “Bulldog” Anderson from Birmingham
Shaun Cope (Flash) from Birmingham
Perry Lewis – Jazzcotech Luton –
Robbie Johnson
Dave Valentine
Andy Bex ?
Linford Taylor
Richard Reeve from Stockport

Bruce Q

Currently presenting weekly programme on Sonic Stream Radio

Known for:
Liquid Fusion Music
Kitten Klub
Sweet FM Birmingham
Feeling Good
UK Vibe
Sonic Stream Radio

Tutankhamun’s, Liberty’s Basement Hagley Road
Coast To Coast Central TV Studio’s, Broad Street
Ronnie Scott’s Broad Street 1992-2000

Sundays: Liquid Fusion with Bruce Q

Sundays: Liquid Fusion with Bruce Q

Living Room Broad Street circa 2002-2005
Zinc Bar Regency Wharf, Gas Street Basin circa 2005-2008
Nuvo Bar Brindley Place circa 2011
52 Degrees North Arcadian
Poppy Red Arcadian 16th Sep circa 2007 – 2008
Concrete (Boiler Room), Jewellery Quarter circa 2008
Bruk Up – on going

Fresh FM

Circa 1988 – 1990

More information needed.

Presenter list:
Mix Wizard (Paul Dixon)
Chilly E (Eustace)
DJ Horse (Horace)
Sammy Goulbourne
Randy B

Sweet FM 106.8

On air between 2001 and 2002 and run by Justin Steele and Timothy St. Prix


More information needed.

Presenter list:
Tony Ray
Jay Le Roc
Sammy Goulbourne
G Child (moved to 1Xtra)
Major D
DJ One Step Ahead (from Nottingham)
Patrick Smoove
Sammy Goulbourne (went on to New Style Radio)
Bruce Q (Liquid Fusion)
S&M Scene
E double D
Ritchie T

Premier 101.2FM

Run by Richy J. Trying to get hold of him to discuss. More information needed.

Presenter list:
Richy J
Steve Williams
Lady JEM

Starlight FM

More information needed.

Sweet 101FM

Went off air in 2001 and run by Feedback B, who then changed his name to Dubmaster and presented a show on Kool FM Birmingham. More information needed.

Presenter list:
Feedback B
Jedi International
Astro G
Tony G
Trudy P
DJ Casanova
Micro NRG
DJ Steph (rare hardcore)
Fisher D
Anthony P
Lazer J

Premier 99.7FM

More information needed.

Kiss 105.5 FM

Brian Parsons aka Zuppa Inglese did a show on this station. I am guessing around 1988. More information needed.

Premier 107FM

Evidence shows that the station was on in 1999 and 2000, and we think it was run by Chicken George from PCRL fame. Watch this space.

Presenter list:
Chicken George
DJ Weetamix
Sammy Goulbourne
Daddy Cool
Daddy Studio
DJ Yellow Pages
Maria Del V


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