Here’s the deal. Birmingham Music Archive was tweeting about all the great music that has originated in Birmingham. There was a Londoner, 2 Kiwis (one of whom was in Hall Green the other in Chicago) and a Belfastodian (is there such a thing) in the conversation  when Dubber annouced let’s have a Brum Music Month, like they do in New Zealand, that is a NZ music month, not a Brum one, although that may be the next idea!

So, from a simple Twitter conversation we now have Brum Music Month. But what is it, who is it for, who is in charge?

Brum Music Month belongs to everyone involved in music activites in Birmingham, whether you are a musician, run a record shop, or a venue, you may be a promoter, a gig goer, in a choir, be a dj or radio broadcaster, whatever it doesn’t matter. There is some form of musical activity every day of the year in this city, we want you to promote or tag or flyer  etc using the Brum Music Month logo available to download at

No one is in charge, you don’t have to ask for permission to do things, you can do whatever you want, there is no funding (although we are asking for donations to help with printing and other such things), no sponsorship (although feel free to get in touch via the website if you want to sponsor some banners!) just keep on doing what you do every day and stick the Brum Music Logo on your material. Talk about it and talk it up.

Personally I’m uploading a video a day that reflects the sheer diversity of music, past and present, from Birmingham, I’ve ordered a tee-shirt from here and I’ve ordered some stickers.

Such has been the response that I’ve already been interviewd by Kerrang Radio about Brum Music Month, The Broad St Marketing team want to do something and most amazingly and exciting, Brian Travers from UB40 has been in touch nad has sent us the backing file to the seminal One In Ten song and wants Birmingam musicians to add new vocals, remix and new interptreations of the song.

Other musicians want to cover over Brimingham songs and remix them, there is talk of an album being produced, Rhubarb Radio are having dedicated ‘Brum only music’ shows it just goes on and on.

And really, this came about on Twitter and has been picked up by people who love music and where they live and want to show others the vast amount of talent here in Brum. No egos, no decision makers, no money – just for the love of it!

Get involved:

Brum Music Month – June 09