I could really have chosen any number of Dexys songs and can’t really explain why I chose this track, but without doubt these are one of the greatest bands to come from this fair city.
Despite commercial success, Dexys earned only grudging respect from the industry, mainly because Kevin Rowland had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve with his band and refused to play the industry game.
There are numerous stories of how Rowland ran the group which led to the band changing musical and satorial direction which ultimately led to the eventual break up of the band but there is no denying their brilliance.
It’s worth also checking out The Killjoys, The Bureau and The Blue Ox Babes (where you can really hear the influence Kevin Archer had on the Dexys sound) who all had various personnel from Dexys involved.

To read an account of one mans love of Dexys click on the link http://eight8all.blogspot.com/2009/06/only-for-sheep.html

Today’s track is dedicated to Mr Paul Long whose birthday it is and who keeps promising to write a piece for the http://birminghammusicarchive.co.uk on Dexys but hasn’t!

Happy birthday Paul.