Broadcast are an electronic music band, from Kings Heath in Birmingham who Formed in 1995.

*Trish Keenan (vocals)
*Roj Stevens (keyboards)

*Tim Felton (guitar)
*James Cargill (bass)

Various drummers have played with the band including Keith York, Phil Jenkins, Jeremy Barnes, Steve Perkins and Neil Bullock.

Their style is a mixture of electronic sounds heavily influenced by the 1960’s American psychedelic group, The United States of America.

Broadcast’s debut single ‘Accidentals’ was released on Wurlitzer Jukebox Records in 1996. ‘The Book Lovers’ was released the following year on Duophonic Records and featured on the soundtrack of the film Austin Powers.

The band attracted the attention of Warp Records, who released their first album ‘Work and Non Work’ in 1997. All subsequent releases have been on this label, or in the USA on Tommy Boy Records.

As of 2005, the group has consisted of Keenan and Cargill, with Felton having departed to form Seeland, with Billy Johnson, formerly of another Birmingham act Plone.

*Work and Non Work (1997)
*The Noise Made By People (2000)
*Haha Sound (2003)
*Tender Buttons (2005)
*The Future Crayon (2006)