A venerated venue in Selly Oak, as Mike has written in, it needed its own page.

Hi – we need a page for the above as this was a major local venue. Rock Against Racism had regular slots there showcasing local punk and reggae bands. They also used to have great sound systems on plus there was always a really great atmosphere. There was a large room upstairs and the small cellar bar which was a great place.

Dangerous Girls played there a lot as did the Suburban Studs. Here & Now – now that was weird plus the Scent Organs (Duranies drummer was in them), Rudy & the Rationals also.

As ever, please help us build up a list of gigs at the venue, send in flyers, tickets, posters, photos and everything else!

Here is the poster from The Cravats and The Nightingales gig at Bournbrook.