Hi guys. I was a pro drummer in the Birmingham area from the age of 13. I played with a lot of the local bands and was a hired gun for national and international bands. I held residencies at most of the big clubs including Mothers, Opposite lock, Castaways , The Railway and many more. I gigged at an average  of over 7 gigs a week often doing 14 in a week which were cherry picked from approx. 30 gigs offered a week. I also taught drums/percussion and keyboards/music  starting at Yardleys when I was 16. I have strong link with Bonham who attended most of my gigs for a period and who I passed on a lot of advice and Dave Pegg who asked if he could join one of my bands. I turned down Roy Wood’s invite to join him (he asked Ace Kefford and I at the same time) but he had one of my students, Charlie Grima on drums.  I will stop there because my experience etc would fill a book. Hope this is of interest to you