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Faces International

Auchinleck Square, Broad Street, Five Ways


Record Centre (Bull Ring)

134-135 Bull Ring Centre Market B5

So we stumbled on another ‘Record Centre’ whilst researching, with (current) evidence of it being open between 1967-1974, so we wondered if it had any connections with Ray Purslow prior to him opening his ‘The Record Centre’ in Loveday Street.

This is what Ray came back with:

“Re the Bull Ring Shopping Centre, the only stall I can vouch for was run by Dot who lived at Symons Yat (and her very attractive daughter on Saturdays only), that sold a mixture of Deletions, Overstocks and New Releases at discount prices. It was owned by Midland Records who had a large warehouse near Lichfield and also had a shop in Walsall under the name of Sundown Records (I think that was the name). The date [we gave Ray 1974 in our email] is approximately correct, but could have been a little earlier until at least up to 1976 when I opened my shop. I used to visit and purchase from there almost every Saturday after leaving work (at Birmingham Box). I bought at least a dozen of those wonderful RCA Bluebird Vintage Jazz albums i.e. several Waller, Morton and Ellingtons, plus Johnny Hodges, Henry Red Allen, King Oliver etc, all at only £1.00 each. I’ve still got a few of them, as they have great sleeve-notes with full discographical details and were great transfers and excellent pressings done by Decca who had just ended their licensing deal, dictating clearing their stocks. A little while later Decca lost the USA MCA recordings to EMI. This resulted in all their Ace Of Hearts & Coral albums being dumped at low costs too. Great times for building a jazz collection which was my intention. Great memories.”

02 Academy



59-61 Corporation Street – Our research has this record shop open between 1932 and 1947 with no evidence of it during 1952. With earlier years (established 1795), and those between 1948-1951 still under investigation.




XL’s Nightclub

34 Auchinleck Square, Broad Street, Five Ways

Formally Faces Nightclub

XL's 1


Rhubarb Radio

“Birmingham’s Premier Community Radio Station”

2008 Statement:
Back in June 2008, a small group of Birmingham-based bloggers got together, and discussed all sorts of web-related things over coffee. One thing that came out was the idea of pulling together podcasts, focussed mainly on the creative industries happening in the region, and the vibrant music scene. Then some bright spark said, “Why not turn it into an on-line radio station as well…” and here we are, some short time later.

The small group started their own blog, just to see who was interested in joining in, and the first meeting was set up. 14 people turned up, chatted, pushed ideas forwards, and suggested other people to join in. The 2nd meeting, 2 weeks later saw 28 people, the 3rd 31, and now (just 3+ months later) we have in excess of 50 members, a live radio studio, training & recording facilities, and a big kettle!

Based at The Custard Factory, amongst our membership group we have musicians & bands, designers, producers, printers, photographers, performers, marketing consultants, artists, teachers, dj’s, video artists, web specialists, community mentors, finance specialists, administrators, bloggers, carpenters, sculptors, electricians, dancers, engineers, actors, writers, students, and many more.

Rhubarb Radio CIC is now a constituted membership organisation that has been supported throughout its growth by Dynamics Community Arts, who specialise in developing and delivering cultural and regeneration initiatives across the West Midlands region.

Maybe Rhubarb Radio sounds like something you’d like to get involved in? There are plenty of opportunities available for volunteers- not everyone has to be a presenter, and there’s absolutely no age limit! Join the blog or drop us an email and come join the fun…


Presenters included…

Aaron & Jason
Alan Green
Amy & Tessa
Andrew Dubber
Anthony & Mark
Anton Debiage
Bernard Davis
Bobbie & Amy
Boogie Dave
Chris Beatz
Danny Smith
DJ Detox
Ernie O
Glitch DJs
Hannah Phillips
James MacLaren
John McTermot
Justin Eightball
Marc Reck
Maria Spears
Young S
Mary & Chris
Matt & Tom
Maxwell 45
Muz & Feva
Nick Shough
Olbi I
Ollie Lloyd
Rob Adams
Sammy Goulbourne
Shelley Roots
Teepee & Zee
Titchy B
Tom Alexander
Tom Belte

2013 Statement:
Based in Birmingham England, Rhubarb radio was a pioneer in community radio, it used to operate out of the old Custard factory media site up until November 2011. It produced a great Birmingham & West Midlands quality output of Local & International Music, community news and topics on Birmingham life and our proud history of Brum.

However, sometime around 3rd or 4th November 2011 someone broke into or somehow entered the Rhubarb Radio Studio and removed a large amount of essential equipment. In short, the station was unable to broadcast at all. Due to different financial reasons the original owners were unable to save the station, the interim owners were not aware that there were historic problems and the presenters and support staff rallied round to try and save what they could but with all the equipment gone it was an impossible task. So the Rhubarb radio station went off air. Shortly after the station domain name lapsed.

But by a quirk of fate some new entrepreneurial owners who really believed in what Rhubarb Radio stood for and what it meant to the Brum Music scene, managed to acquire it to ensure that it may have a fighting chance to re-launch if the right team could be re-assembled in the future.

So as a first step here we are, over the coming weeks/months we intend to provide as many links as possible to the original presenters and their work, plus keep you up to date on what is happening next.

Thank you for stopping by.

Porsche Club

A.K.A. Porsche Club 2000 was owned by Mr Von Reid.

Situated on Regents Park Road, Small Heath. B10 0QP

Gaelle Finley Archive

Gaelle Finley Archive

Gaelle Finley Archive

Gaelle Finley Archive

Renamed Fozzies

Renamed Regents Park Banqueting Hall

The Living Room

The Living Room in Birmingham opened on December 3rd 2001, utilising the entire top floor of Regency Wharf 2 on Broad Street. The Birmingham Living Room boasts spectacular views over the impressive skyline.

Victor Davies 2007 (Afro Gigolo Records)

Victor Davies 2007 (Afro Gigolo Records)

Sundays: Liquid Fusion with Bruce Q

Sundays: Liquid Fusion with Bruce Q

Refurbished April 2005

Snapshot August-October 2002:
Monday – Sara Coleman teams up with bass player Roger who adds some groove to her piano and vocal
Tuesday – Terry Butters, our very own Jools Holland plays his own blend of Boogie Woogie and Honky Tonk
Wednesday – Austin & Lee play classic Rock, Pop & Blues on piano and guitar
Thursday – Phil Sayer plays Blues, Boogie and a bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Friday – Austin and Lee play classic Rock, Pop & Blues on piano and guitar
Saturday – Phil Sayer plays Blues, Boogie and a bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Sunday – Sara Coleman plays classic and contemporary songs with a little bit of jazz

F C F Social Club

178 Soho Hill. B19 1AG (later called Club Paradise)

FCF social club in Soho Hill was owned by Faith & Confidence Business Agency, formerly Faith and Confidence Finance Ltd, hence the name FCF.
 The club opened in September 1971 and has participated in Handsworth carnival, having stalls and floats, and continuing their support when it became Birmingham carnival.

It also supported a cricket team called Continental who played regularly in Handsworth Park.
 Since its opening it had always kept up a celebration for Jamaican Independence day on August 6 and had hosted events for various charities including Jamaica Adult Education and Sickle Cell Anemia.

Club nights were on Friday.


“The music I used to enjoy listening to in the 70’s was Reggae.  The dance at the time was the Ska, and my friends and I all had very big Afro hairstyles.  I used to go dancing at the FCF Social Club, Handsworth or to the Crompton Public House,  Handsworth when they used to have a live artist playing.”

Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival






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