Celebrating, Preserving and Sharing Birmingham’s Music Heritage.

We are now actively looking for content for the archive and will always add content you send us. The archive is a labour of love and we update it in our spare time so please bare with us if you regularly check the site and it looks the same – content is always being added.

Building the archive to inspire the future.

The Birmingham Popular Music Archive has been established by Jez Collins in order to recognise and celebrate Birmingham’s rich musical heritage. We want Birmingham to take pride in its musical heritage and to start shouting out about it. Other cities aren’t shy in celebrating their successes and neither should we.

We believe music provides us with memories, individual and shared experiences and self expression. For us, these memories and meaning can be stirred by a vast array of music ephemera, it could be a song, it might be a photograph or a ticket stub or it could be someone else’s recollections that make a connection with you and trigger your music experiences. And we aren’t just interested in the ‘star’ names. We want to hear about ALL the music activity in the city.

We are interested in hearing and sharing stories. Were you in a band? Where did you play? What venues did you go to and who did you sees? Did you work in a Record Shop? Or perhaps you ran a label or were associated with a Pirate Radio station. You may have worked in a rehearsal space, been an sound engineer to a DJ. All this and more, no matter how big or small you think it was. All those personal experiences and memories that surround and inform this vibrant city and it’s music is what we are after.

Our rather big ambition is to capture the entire history of popular music in and from the city.

So whether you were in a band, or were a regular gig-goer, we want to hear from you – Tell us what you know, tell us what you think!

If you want to find out about adding content to the archive, then please see our ‘Contact Us’ page and get in touch.