An Interview with Mickey Nold of PCRL

We’ve been lucky to recieve an extensive interview with Mickey Nold of PCRL (103.5FM) which is below, thanks to Gordon from Moke Modzine who sent it in to us. PCRL was a ‘pirate’ radio station serving the black communities in Birmingham from 1981 – 2005, we hope to bring the full history of PCRL to the archive very soon.

“It started really with the lack of decent music on the radio, frustration with the Light Programme (which evolved into Radio 2 after the onset of Radio 1), the audience would hear ‘Sing Somthing Simple’ by the Mike Sam Singers (they were an aging vocal group singing cheesy hit songs). Horrendous it was, and the only way you counter that was to listen to the odd pirate that had started, such as Caroline, or Radio London.”

The above is an extract from an interview with Mickey Nold who hosed ‘Basement Soul’ every Sunday on local pirate radio station PCRL (103.5FM). The interview gained a large response from the public, as Mickey describes his work as a pirate DJ dating back to the 60’s.

The full interview can be read on the archive page dedicated to PCRL: