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The Astonaires

Sixties band featuring Graham Franklin, Kieth Williams, Dezi Pearce, Alan Scott


Approach are renowned as being the first band that Ozzy Osbourne was in alongside Jeff Hubbard. Approach would rehearse in the All Saints Mission Hall on Station Road and then at Underwood School Hall in Erdington.

Andy’s Clappers

Surf band from Handsworth! Line was Andy Preston, Bob Neale, Dave Kaye, Roy Saywood and Jan Jefferies


Jeff Lynne’s first band with Kex Gorin and Dave Waston. They played their first gig at The Shard End Social Club.

The Agency

Sixties Brumbeat band.

The Deadbeats

Sixties band with brothers Denny, Dave and Pete Ball and Pete Donohoe.

The Rockin´ Perfidias

Sixties band featuring the brother Denny, Dave and Pete Ball who were from Erdington.

Ace Kefford Stand

Sixties band featuring ex-Move member Ace Kefford, Dennis and Dave Ball and Cozy Powell.

AB Promotions

Sixties promotion agency set up by Bob Anthony and Bob Bradley (guitarist with Danny Ray and the Rayvons).

3JR Promotions

Sixties promotion agency set up by John Ford and based in Sutton Coldfield.

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